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by Konstantinos Zagoris swaiver April 12, 2018

Welcome to sWaiver! This is an introductory post about our philosophy, our goals regarding this service.

When we begun the journey towards the realization of sWaiver, we had two simple guidelines:

  • Simplicity and
  • Communication

The primary guideline has given the first letter of our service as sWaiver just means simple Waiver. Our customers are businessmen and businesswomen around the world, who they want a hassle-free and uncomplicated way to incorporate a waiver system to their workflow.

We strive to achieve this notion of essentialism in the user interface. Each page serves a distinct purpose or concept.

However, we understand that each service needs a way to familiarize its concept to the user. Thus, we work towards this by creating many communication channels. Right now, you may use the following methods in order to communicate with us:

  • The simplest and straightforward way is sending us an email directly or through our contact page:
  • Another way is to follow our news and updates by subscribing to our newsletter:
  • You may follow our twitter, facebook and youtube channels.
  • Finally, you can communicate with us through sWaiver app using the contact icon:

Moreover, in the next weeks, we intend to provide more ways to help you navigate throughout the sWaiver app.

Firstly, we will start to publish introductory videos on our youtube channel and fill up the “Knowledge Center” section of the web site.

Finally, we constantly investigate better ways to make the sWaiver easier to newer users.

When we leave the beta and go into full production, it will be not the end of the journey. Contrarily, this will be only the beginning. Therefore, please ask any suggestions or new features that you want to see in sWaiver.

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